General Information on Süleyman Demirel University

Name and Address

Süleyman Demirel University

Çünür 32260                          


Telephone:   +90 246 211 00 00

Fax: +90 246 237 04 31


International Relations and Socrates Office

Çünür 32260            


Telephone   +90 246 211 11 19

Fax: +90 246 211 17 10



Academic Calendar


            Except Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Foreign Languages, Distance Learning Vocational School and Eğirdir Vocational School, it’s applied the same academic calendar in all of the units for formal educations between 2009 and 2010 in an Academic Learning Period.


04 September 2009 Friday

The last day of undergraduate transfer application for 2009–2010 Fall HalfTerm

31 August 2009 Monday

07 September 2009 Monday

New Registrations

07 September 2009 Monday

11 September 2009 Friday

With the result of special ability exam, students’ placement to certain registration procedures

07 September 2009 Monday

11 September 2009 Friday

Fall Half–Term Education Fee, Refreshment of Registration on Internet and Guidence Recognition

14 September 2009 Monday

31 December 2009 Thursday

FALL HALF-TERM (73 weekdays)

14 September 2009 Monday

28 September 2009 September

Fall Half–Term Excused Refreshment of Registration   

28 September 2009 Monday

02 October 2009 Friday

Course Adding- Cancellation and Guidence Recognition

14 November 2009 Saturday

22 November 2009 Sunday

Fall Half–Term Midterm Exams

04 January 2010 Monday

17 January 2010 Sunday

Fall Half–Term Final Exams

18 January 2010 Monday

24 January 2010 Sunday

 Excuse Exams of Fall Half–Term Final Exams

25 January 2010 Monday

The last day for submitting Excuse Exams Results of Fall Half–Term Final Exams to Student Affairs Office

14 November 2009 Saturday

22 January 2010 Friday

Grade Entry Procedures

29 January 2010 Friday

The last day of undergraduate transfer application for 2009–2010 Spring Half–Term

01 February 2010 Monday

05 February 2010 Friday

Spring Half–Term Education Fee, Refreshment of Registration on Internet 

08 February 2010 Monday

21 May 2010 Friday

SPRING HALF-TERM  (73 weekdays)

08 February 2010 Monday

19 February 2010 Friday

* Fall Half–Term Excused Refreshment of Registration   

22 February 2010 Monday

26 February 2010 Friday

Course Adding- Cancellation and Guidence Recognition

10 April 2010 Saturday

18 April 2010 Sunday

Spring Half–Term Midterm Exams

24 May 2010 Monday

06 June 2010 Sunday

Spring Half–Term Final Exams

07 June 2010 Monday

13 June 2010 Sunday

Excuse Exams of Spring Half–Term Final Exams

14 June 2010 Monday

The last day for submitting Excuse Exams Results of Spring Half–Term Final Exams to Student Affairs Office

10 April 2010 Saturday

11 June 2010 Friday

Grade Entry Procedures

14 June 2010 Monday


Summer Internship Application



14 June 2010 Monday -  15 June 2010 Tuesday -------> Summer School Pre- registrations

16 June 2010 Wednesday - Announcement of Courses To Be Opened in Summer School

17 June 2010 Thursday - 18 June 2010 Friday --------> Summer School Certain Registrations

21 June 2010 Monday - 06 August 2010 Friday ---------> Summer School

09 August 2010 Monday - 13 August 2010 Friday ----------> Summer School Exams

21 August 2010 Friday -  The last day for procedures of grade entries

*Students of evening education in excused refreshment of registration term whose excuses are accepted by board of directors, their registration will be refreshed if they pay second installment tuition fees in a monthly extra period (08 February – 08 March 2010)  

Academic Learning Process will continue without interruption.   

Academic Authorities    

Süleyman Demirel University is a State University, established, administered and funded according to the Law No. 2547, the Law on Higher Education. The head of the University, Rector, and the University Senate are responsible for implementing and coordinating administrative as well as academic activities. There are also Faculty Administrative Committees deciding and advising on related academic matters.


  Prof.Dr.Metin Lütfi BAYDAR
  e-mail :

Vice Rector

  Prof. Dr. Vecihi KIRDEMİR
  e-mail :

Vice Rector

  Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali KOYUNCU
  e-mail :

Secretary General

e-mail : 

Proxy Vice Secretary General 

  Musa Denizhan ULUSAN
  e-mail :

Office Manager

 Devrim Gül VURAL
email :

General description of the institution

              Süleyman Demirel University is a State University located in Isparta, in the Mediterranean Region. Although it was established officially on July 11, 1992, SDU has a twenty years past. As an innovative and forward looking university, SDU has many graduates playing important roles in Turkey’s development. Today, SDU has 14 Faculties, 17 Vocational High Schools, 1 High School, 1 School of Foreign Languages and 4 Graduate Schools. The main campus land is planned to combine all faculties, main laboratories, computer centers, main libraries, culture centers and other social activities and sports units in the near future.

List of programmes offered

Graduate Schools

·         Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences

·         Institute of Health Sciences 

·         Institute of Social Sciences

·         Institute of Fine Arts


·         Faculty of Dentistry

·         Faculty of Fisheries

·         Faculty of Arts and Sciences

·         Faculty of Fine Arts

·         Faculty of Theology

·         Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

·         Engineering and Architecture Faculty

·         Faculty of Forestry

·         Faculty of Technical Education

·         Faculty of Medicine

·         Faculty of Agriculture

·         Faculty of Health Sciences

·         Faculty of Law

·         Faculty of Technology

High Schools

·         School of Foreign Languages 

Vocational Schools

·         Atabey Vocational School 

·         Distance Education Vocational School 

·         Eğirdir Vocational School 

·         Gelendost Vocational School 

·         Gönen Vocational School 

·         Isparta Vocational School

·         Keçiborlu Vocational School 

·         Senirkent Vocational School 

·         Sütçüler Prof. Dr. Hasan Gürbüz Vocational School 

·         Şarkikaraağaç Vocational School 

·         Uluborlu Selahattin Karasoy Vocational School

·         Yalvaç Vocational School 

·         Isparta Health Services Vocational School 

·         Aksu Mehmet Süreyya Demiraslan Vocational School 

·         Technical Sciences Vocational School 

·         Yenişarbademli Vocational School 

·         Yalvaç Technical Sciences Vocational School      

General Admission Requirements

            Admission to Süleyman Demirel University is gained through nation-wide centralized Student Selection Examination (OSS), held annually by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). 

            The candidate who deserved to be a university student in the faculties and high schools must register with the necessary documents and on the dates announced by the Rectorate.

General Registration Procedures

             Registration procedures are held by the Student Affairs Office. 

            The students have to register each semester on announced dates and pay their tuition fees set by the Government according to the field of study.

             Each student is given an academic advisor to plan course selection and other academic matters. 
Students from other universities and high schools may apply for transfer to Süleyman Demirel University. Applications are admitted according to the related government regulations, academic qualifications and records. 

            Main instruction language is Turkish, but a number of Faculties offer undergraduate and graduate courses in English. In some departments there is a one year English Prepatory School. For the 2005/2006 academic year, departments having English Prepatory School are given below: 

            Department of Business Administration, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Textile Engineering, Department of Forestry Engineering, Department of  Computer Education, Department of Agriculture Engineering, Department of Food Engineering, Isparta Vocational School Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, Eğirdir Vocational School Department of Tourism and Hotel Management.

General Arrangements for the Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, informal and non- formal)

One academic year consists of two semesters, each including 70 work-days and final exam duration. For each year, course programs are arranged by the related committees and after the approval of the University Senate, they’re announced. Summer School can be offered by the departments. 

There are two types of courses: compulsory and optional. The student's department decides the program of compulsory courses to be taken each semester. 

 For each course, at least one midterm examination is given during the semester and also students must take a final examination at the end of the semester/ year. To take a final examination, students must attend at least 70 percent of the classes, 80 percent of the practices and laboratories, and must take the midterm examination(s).

For each course taken, the course instructor gives the student one of the following grades. The letter grades and grade points are given below:































a)     Pass Grades: G, AA, BA, BB, CB, CC

            The grade (G) is a pass grade for non-credit courses.

b)    Conditional Pass Grades: DC, DD

            The grade (DC) and the grade (DD) show that the student has passed the course conditionally with his/her   cumulative average grade for that semester. If the cumulative average of the student is above 2.00, the   student passes the course, but if it is below 2.00, student fails.

c)     Fail Grades: K, FD, FF

            The grade (K) is given to the students who are unsuccessful in non-credit courses and internship.

d)    (NA) is issued if a student does not fulfill the attendance and/or application requirements of the course. The grade of (NA) is included in the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) as (FF). 

e)    (H) is given to a student who provides supporting evidence through genuine and valid documentation of  illness or other reasons which have prevented her/him from taking the mid-term exam, following an  Administrative Committee decision.

f)   (M) is given to the vertical / horizontal transfer students for the courses they had taken and found successful at a previous programme following a decision of the related Administrative Committee.

            For Further Information:

           SDU- Registrar’s Office

           Phone: 0 246 211 1065


           Student Affairs ECTS Coordinator



ECTS credit allocation based on the student workload needed in order to achieve expected learning outcomes

Credit allocation has been estimated according to student workload. Credit allocation is below:

·         Two – year degree (Sub-level)---à 120 ECTS

·         Graduate (First Cycle)---à 240 ECTS

·         Postgraduate (Second Cycle)--à 120 ECTS

Arrangements for academic guidance

Academic guidance is given for every class of all departments.