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Academic Unit Details
Unit Name : Faculty of Law
Adres : East Campus, Çünür/Isparta
Telephone : +90 246 2113207
Fax : +90 246 2370771
Electronic Mail :
ECTS Coordinator : Not Found
General Information : Objectives of the Faculty of Law, have been educated good lawyers, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries, academics, experts and inspectors with names such as public and private sector will take part. They have theoretical knowledge in the contemporary understanding of law required, legal issues and disputes of the mind, conscience of the scales that can weigh in, contemporary version capable , conflict with the interests of accuracy and stability can be evaluated; human rights of priority, to protect the weak against the strong pressure and not only the law overriding legal identity to train good lawyers.
The general goal of legal education, law and legal resources to grasp the basic principles, legal institutions and to know the terms, legal issues in time to detect, correct and just the ability to solve and develop. At the same time the Turkish legal system's overall structure with information about the owner, legislation judges, administrative, political, economic and technological developments closely following, has analytical thinking and problem-solving ability, after graduation exams essential equipped with information, public and private sectors can take part in the well equipped to train individuals.
Dean : Not Found
Faculty Secretary : Not Found
Acknowledgement Conditions : Faculty of Law students who want to enroll in the university's academic and legal regulations within the framework set by the process to complete ÖSYM / exams are required to have succeeded. Domestic or foreign equivalent in education started in the program can apply for a student transfer. Admission of this students before the beginning of the semester, each student's requirements and the application will be reviewed, taking into account his degree and will be treated as special. More comprehensive information about entry to university institutions in the Presentation Catalog is available.
Acquried Title : Licenses Graduates: The program is completed successfully, the program is the right qualifications in the field of law will have a Bachelor's degree.
Registired Perssonel State : University is subject to the general registration procedure
Graduation Conditions : In order to graduate from the Faculty of legislation within the prescribed time to take all the courses required for graduation from these courses to be successful and continue providing that the program completed with at least 2.00 GPA is mandatory. GPA, grades are at the same time. For getting degrees / completing program not to need academic year exams or the final exam after a semester. However, at the end of each semester, usually the end of the period immediately following the end of semester, there are exams two weeks duration.
ECTS Structuring : Law education, in higher education and law degree in the field of 240 ECTS credits system is subject to the first stage.
Academic Counselling : Each branch is assigned an academic advisor.
- Faculty of Law